The Dark and Beautiful World of Marc Nerbonne

A friend of mine saw Marc Nerbonne's work and sent me a link to his website and I am so thankful she did!  Marc Nerbonne is a French-Canadian artist who explores the same theme as my work and I am fascinated by his process.

I was immediately struck by the tangible quality of his work to the point where I could nearly feel the warm, wet, fur covered bodies.  In my opinion, it is this emotional reaction or physical response to a work of art that makes it successful because that is how we can connect.

I began working with road kill and images of dead animals in 2007 right around the same time as Marc Nerbonne. It's always exciting for me to discover others whose work is concerned with issues around human and animal interaction but to note how different the manifestations of work on the same theme can be.

He describes his process:
My works of art are composed of elements taking from my own documented photography of road kills, with which I create persona or given life back to the main subject. I dry mount (with an acid free process) on panel my photography, and then start to work on as if it was a blank canvas. Depending of the image, I create an interaction between my main subject and his surrounding with acrylic, ink, spray paint and/or encaustic. 

I see all sorts of emotions in Marc's work, from frustration and anger to despair and heartbreak. In his early work he focused on re-imagining the life of a road-killed creature (or perhaps imagining the after life) inserting it back into an ethereal Eden-like garden. In his later works the corpses become more foreboding and begin to morph into human forms.

These re-skinned human figures reflect back to us the horrific and selfish ego created literally from the bodies of other animals. He depicts Western civilization's carnivorous consuming greed by creating "Windigo" figures from images of roadkill and placing them in apocalyptic landscapes. I will be interested to see how his work progresses.



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