Shane Wilson

Shane wilson is a Canadian sculptor and carver living in the Yukon Territory. His work is incredible and beautiful and captures the Canadian spirit of wilderness in the details. Shane carves moose antler, caribou antler, muskox horn, mountain sheep horn, skull, bone, and casts bronze as well. His work is inspired by the natural beauty of Northern Canada. His piece titled Gaia is housed in the permanent art collection at Haines Junction, YT.

Shane describes his own work:

In my work I strive to slowly create something of value – something original, beautiful, meaningful and universal – an expression of the spirit of those who make the world a better, richer, more beautiful place.

Profoundly sympathetic with the emergent culture of s-l-o-w, I invite you to breathe deeply, slow down, relax and savour this slow art – my slow sculpture.