Peter Mather Documents a Changing Arctic

Peter Mather is a photographer from Yukon Canada who documents the land and people of this arctic territory. He describes his work as a hybrid of fine art photography and documentary photography and his images can be quite startling yet beautiful much like the arctic itself. The photos below are from Yukon, NWT, and Alaska.

Far from an icy wasteland, the arctic is a fragile yet unforgiving wilderness populated with resilient people, plants and animals that thrive in some of the most challenging conditions in the country. People in the arctic have a strong relationship with the land. The weather, the animals, and the hunt all feed into a strong emotional bond with the very ground under their feet. They are well aware of the richness and bounty of the arctic and with the demand for resources at an all time high, greed threatens to destroy this delicate balance. Peter Mather is there documenting these relationships, the land, the people, and all the other precious things that risk getting lost in the quest for more.

You can see more of his images on his website or contact him via his facebook page.

All images © Peter Mather