Betty Spackman: Found Wanting

Recently I had the opportunity to meet Canadian artist Betty Spackman and watch a presentation on her latest work Found Wanting.

This particular installation work is incredibly moving, extraordinarily well crafted and holds layer upon layer of meaning. I won't go and analyze it for you because it is apparent what the show is about, plus there is a video in the artists own voice so you can interpret the work for yourself.

It is such a tragedy that it has only be exhibited twice. So friends and fellow bloggers, if you know any curators or gallery owners/operators looking for incredible interactive work, this show really needs to be exhibited instead of sitting in storage. It is incredible and timely and will wow audiences so let's see what we can do to make this happen.

I wish I could see it in person but for now we will have to enjoy some photos and the short vimeo preview of a documentary being shot by Kate Bradford.

FOUND WANTING from kate bradford on Vimeo.