Ronald Ceuppens

I have found many new artists to explore from perusing the amazing things posted on Pinterest. I never expected it would become such a source of inspiration for me and my work. I have discovered a handful of incredible print artists there in the last little while and I am excited to share them with you.

The first one is Ronald Ceuppens, a Belgian printmaker. Unfortunately for me, his site is in Belgian and I cannot quite grasp the exact impetus for his work but that hardly matters once you see it. I am particularly interested in the arrangement of print fragments and collage elements in his "collections". I am also fascinated by his mixed media work about children.

His work is excellently crafted and evokes a sense of memory or dream although the results are often unsettling. I am drawn to the Dreamchild object, what appears to be a doll body encased in leather with ceramic branches for arms. It is unclear if this "child" is a memory or manifestation of birth or death or a physical representation of an imagined spirit.

Many of the pieces below are available in Ronald's Etsy Shop Fleurografie. I highly recommend having a look at the work he has posted there. If you would like to see more of Ronald's work be sure to visit his blog.

I discovered this little description in English on his blog though I am unsure of the source:

He likes long walks, hiking in the mountains or simply exploring the city. The itineraries of his walks are found in his work, reduces to their abstract form. Using sketches, drawings and objects collected during his walks, Ronald makes the designs for his prints. Reproduced in a repetitive manner they give rise to serial work in which each work speaks individually. The reconstructions of images made up of such fragments is a way of preserving the memory of a place The artist manages to translate nostalgia for the past into a search for future pleasure. Ronald Ceuppens creates an abstract world, filled with the sensitive melody of silence and serenity.


Roxanne Goffin

Roxanne Goffin is an artist currently completing her MA at University of Western England. Her series Disembodied combines paper cutouts layered over experimental etchings using paint stripper on acrylic plates to create an effect similar to traditional acid etching techniques.

I am fascinated by the way the cut forms interact with the random patterns created by the chemical reaction on the plate. The patterns remind me simultaneously of landscape and decomposition. The way the cut paper creates such fine borders and edges around the space yet seem to hover over or create a surface above the chaos. I love the idea of internal chaos whcih suggests both the anxiety of society in dealing with topics of death and the chaos resulting from mans attempt to place rigid forms upon the natural.

I look forward to seeing more of her work in the future. Visit her website and have a look at some of her other work.