Claire Morgan

Claire Morgan has been one of my favourite artists since my friend Amy showed me a photo of Fluid, the first photo here. Her pieces are poetic and so tragically beautiful. The time it takes to string up every strawberry, bee, feather, or scrap of plastic bag boggles my mind and makes me wonder about what sorts of images might be conjured up in an artist's mind during such a meditation.

Morgan taxidermies all the animals in her sculptures which are either found or donated victims of road kill or other untimely accidents. From what I remember none of the animals are trophies, have been hunted or killed specifically for her work. Part of what is really fascinating is the capture of motion in her installations which appear to be still in the photographs of her work. I imagine that they move and undulate slowly like the breath of a large unseen spirit. Every time someone walks past the sculpture would move a little, animating it if even just for a moment.

One day I would love to see these sculptures in person, quietly, and preferably all alone in the gallery.

Fluid, 2009

Captive, 2008

Gone with the Wind, 2008

Gone with the Wind, 2008 (detail)
While You Were Sleeping, 2009
The Blues, 2009

Pedestal, 2011
Pedestal, 2011 (detail)

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