Adrian Van Allen


Adrian Van Allen is a brilliant artist and scientist who draws inspiration for her art practice from the history of science, taxonomy, biology, medicine and evolving technologies. Much of her work is interactive engaging the viewer with digital media or including them as participants in an installation. Her work is intelligent, thought provoking and playful and like many of my favourite artists, blur the line between artist studio and scientific laboratory. I absolutely LOVE the anatomy monoprints on maps (see bottom images) that she made from a colour laser printer.... I might just have to email her and ask if she is willing to share her secret!

Her website is incredible and has a ton of projects both artistic and professional – a little something for the artist and scientist! Many of her projects are video based so I could not post them here for you so click on the top image to go to her site where you can spend a little time snooping around andpossible learn something. Now GO!

from improbable loves 1
from improbable loves 1

the colonists
natura historia

from natura historia

from natura historia

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