Simen Johan

I just may have found my new favourite artist. While Simen hasn't posted any new work on his website since 2009, I am really hoping that it's because he is busy getting ready to unleash another series of mind-blowing images. I love the fact that he doesn't work in a single medium and he is able to create the gut wrenching heart-breaking work about animals that I love.  There is also some supremely creepy images of kids and and animals interacting as well as some just plain awesomely creepy stuff.

I am always so inspired when I find the work of other contemporary artists who are interested in exploring the same themes as I am and yet our works are so very different. His website is bare minimalist and showcases his work in the most simple of virtual display stripping away all the fanfare of animation and design and sticking with the very basics of a blank canvas. Incredible. Go see it when you're done admiring just a few of his amazing images I've posted here.


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