David Ross Harper

There is intense empathy in the will to memorialize, to lay down a particular meaning on an object that is not inherent to it—life as remembered in the ripe fig of an ancient Xenia painting, or death anticipated in a skull. In my work I am taking account of these empathic tendencies, both in the sense of identification with and understanding of an ‘other’, and in the sense of joining one’s own feelings to an object. 
David R. Harper 

I was in Dawson City Yukon in 2009 and was lucky to get to see David Harper's work in person at The ODD Gallery. Photos don't really do David's work justice, the fine detail of the embroidery is difficult to see and the experience of actually sharing the space with the objects is quite different than looking at them on a screen. David's work Him part of the Wedding Portraits was purchased buy the Canadian Art Bank ensuring that it becomes a part of the Canadian cultural archive. If ever you get a chance to see David's work in person then be sure to go! For more great work from this upcoming Canadian artist visit his website.

"Him" part of the Series "Wedding Portraits" purchased by Canada Council for the Arts

 I wish there was a more comprehensive site with David's work including larger photographs and details. His work is amazing and the details are incredible. Unfortunately the images on his site are very small and it is difficult to source images of his more recent works. Keep looking and if I come across any more decent images of his work I'll be sure to post them.

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