Lucas Van Vugt

Dutch designer, Lucas Van Vugt has created a series of silver prosthetics to replace the broken bones of small animals. By replacing the bones he re-completes the animal hoping to revive its integrity and former glory to allow it to enter into the afterlife. The photographs of his work are as intriguing as the actual works themselves carefully staged and lighted to show off the exquisite delicacy of the tiny bones and the unexpected silver prosthetic.

This is a collection of animal figurines made from powdered animal bones. Lucas sourced roadkill in 'de Noordoostpolder' during an artist in residency on the farm of Jurgen Bey and Rianne Makkink.
Instead of letting the carcasses go to waste he decided to use the bones of three animals as a material to recreate an image of the animal the way it once was. If you ask me, that is a work of pure genius.

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