Ted Hiebert- Unbecomings

"Werewolf Stories" is the most recent iteration of the Self-portrait Chronicles project, an ongoing interrogation of the ways in which selves outrun their own self-representations, disappearing into the image as a form of metaphysical promise. The images are self-portraits taken while interacting with a wolf skin, illuminated predominantly with black light. Situated somewhere between enlightenment myths of personal transformation and nightmares of postnatural living, these images are werewolf stories, confronting the awkward conflations of technology and the imagination. 

Personally, I find these photos very meaningful. I am intrigued by the notion of "outrunning" oneself and the sharp edge of existence where humans and animals are indistinguishable. The other work featured here is titled "unbecomings" which suggests to me a transformation of becoming less of one thing and more of another. In this case is it less wolf or less man?

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