Rebecca Haines

These days Pinterest is serving as the best place for me to discover new artists who inspire my work. I have a number of "new" artists I'll be featuring this year so make sure to join the blog to stay tuned.

Rebecca Haines is as interested in animals as I am. She has lived and worked in Wyoming, Colorado California and New Mexico. Her work is an exploration of that moment when humans and animals meet. At that moment when Animals and humans share a space there is the potential to learn something if you can put down your iPhone camera and stop talking.

Haines work invites you to look more closely, to stop and meditate on the moment of interaction with a wild animal so that you might be able to activate that memory of wild in your own DNA and connect with the natural world from which we have so neatly excised ourselves.

Take some time to really look at the shifting image and delicate subtleties of her work and you might come away with a moment of understanding.

You can see her work here or visit the Tom Ross Gallery.

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