Bryan Christiansen

Bryan Christiansen is an artist and trophy hunter. His work  seems the antithesis of taxidermy or another deviant version of it perhaps....I like deviant. I like Bryan. I like his Trophies too.

Christiansen’s works stand in for the trophies, antler mounts, and pelts so often prized by hunters, and represent his own triumph of the present over the past and his strength to confront some of life’s most challenging contradictions.
Christiansen ventures into forgotten urban alleyways and parking lots to search for discarded furniture, recalling the ritualized pursuit of stalking and hunting animals.  Once he returns to the studio, he proceeds to “skin and gut” the furnishings, as though he were eviscerating a fresh kill. In acknowledgment of Native American traditions, however, he makes sure that nothing goes to waste, saving and bottling everything down to the last bit of sawdust and string.

~taken from The Curated Object

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