Michael Joo

Untitled (Coyote) 19
Michael Joo is a genius. I love his work and when I stumbled across him doing research about coyotes I immediately tried to find more of his work. I read an interview with him in which he described his studio as more of a laboratory...damn! The idea of a studio being a laboratory (or sometimes a morgue...) immediately clicked with me. I have a keen interest in the natural sciences, biology, anatomy, medicine, zoology, environmental science and wildlife management. Realizing that science is probably the single biggest influence on my art practice made thinking about my studio as a laboratory logical. My work is a lot like Michael's in that it can't be defined as simply sculpture, performance or installation. His work is extremely intellectual and often deals with science referencing it both directly and metaphorically.

The Pack
Separation Anxiety

Remote Sense Alpha Helix

Affected (Inuited)

Strait Man, Split
God II


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