Marian Drew, I'm So in Love with You.

Penguin with Enamel Jug
Rose Crowned Fruit Dove on Fancy Work
Crow with Salt

Marian Drew is an artist that I really love. She and I have something in common. We both use roadkill in our work. Marian uses film as her canvas but she is unique in that she paints into it with light.

When watching this video, notice how she looks at and handles the animals. Her ability to connect to the body of something that once held life– held the spirit of an individual is why I find her so inspiring, not to mention the works are beautiful, poetic and tragic all at once. If you are interested in learning more about Marian's work Luminous Lint published a great write up about Australiana.

I have included some of my favourite images here so you can get an idea of how incredible these photos really are and how painterly they look if at first you aren't aware they are photographs. Beautiful.

Pelican with Turnips

Magpie with Limes
Magpie with Butcher and Bowl
Kingfisher with Chinese cloth and strawberries

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